MOOC. Youth and online political participation: motivations, spaces, practices and inhibitors

Youth in Europe. Characterising the Millennials

Work plan:

  • Watch the introductory video.
  • Read the materials.
  • Do the quiz.
  • Tweet one recent claim or campaign that, in your opinion, represents the way millennials participate in politics in your country. Please, use the hashtags #EURYKAmooc and #millennials.
  • Interact on Twitter. Retweet, comment or reply to other tweets that have been using #EURYKAmooc and #millennials during the week.
  • Publish IN THE FORUM a brief summary of the debate generated on Twitter around the hashtags #EURYKAmooc and #millennials. Add a reflection on the issues you want to highlight in this debate. Please, use the definitions and ideas about millennials learned in this lesson.

Materials for the Quiz

  • Introductory video: Interview with Carles Feixa, social antropologist. Expert on youth cultures.

Other readings:


Special monograph. Youth in Europe: characterizing the millennials