MOOC. Youth and online political participation: motivations, spaces, practices and inhibitors

New online political participation spaces and practices

Work plan:

  • Watch the introductory video.
  • Read the materials.
  • Do the quiz.
  • Choose an example of online participation by young people / millennials. Identify and characterize the following aspects:
    • Initiators: individual, collectives, etc.
    • Target: group of people / institution to whom it is addressed, topic, goals, etc.
    • Platform/Channels: kind messages used, how are they spread, technique/technology (format, support…), etc.
    • Deliberation: how interaction happens, what kind of feedback do they get (from target group, from society at large)
  • Summarize your work in a presentation. Share it on Google Slides or Slideshare.
  • Share the link in the forum and on Twitter (#EURYKAmooc).
  • Follow the debate in the forum.

Introductory video

Recommended readings:

  • Results of EURYKA WP1
  • Preliminary work on EURYKA WP7

Other suggested readings:

Special monograph. New online spaces and practices for political participation