Euryka online consultation platform: voices of European citizens


Euryka is lauching its online consultation platform!


What is it?

This online platform is a chance to talk about your vision for Europe’s democracy.  When young people are asked what they think are the best ways to influence European politics, the most common answer is voting in European elections. However, less than half of the young people eligible to vote in the 2014 European elections actually did so. Why is it so? What is a “European democracy”?

How does it work?

1/ Every now and then, a question will be posted on the platform by a member of the Euryka team.

2/ Citizens are invited to give their opinion, to suggest ideas and to interact with each other on this topic.

3/ The ideas you submit to this online consultation platform will contribute to shaping the policy recommendations of the EURYKA project (via the policy briefs for instance). We’re looking for constructive suggestions that can help to solve problems.

New question :

What should political authorities do for young people to spur their political participation?
The floor is yours!
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